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Flexible Steel Conduit (UL Listed)

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Flexible Steel Conduit (UL  Listed)

Flexible conduit A2082 (UL Listed)

Bliss flexible conduit A2082 is UL listed, file no. 113601. High quality and good service are your best choice.
Flexible steel conduits can be a wide scope of application, all lamps, communications, control, air conditions, electrical room, the fire alarm system, and so on. When we consider the working space, safety, construction facilities, vibration-proof, anti-interference, the integrity of wiring construction and pipeline construction, the use of flexible conduit can solve the problem of pipe construction.
For the application of flexible metal conduit, please see Appendix 1:
Flexible Conduit and Connector Application Illustration
For more information, please see "Appendix".

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  • Galvanized steel core.
  • High tensile, high impact strength and flexibility.
  • Meets National Electrical Code 348 and Underwriters Laboratories requirements, file #E113601.
  • UL Listed trade size: 3/8"~2", UL Recognized trade size: 5/16".
  • Meets Taiwan power company 1134.201-ES-7 (REV.2) spec. of electrical flexible conduit, file 77-099.
  • IP50
  • For indoor or conditioning environment.
  • For power supply and liqhting, motor and control panel.
  • For fire alarm system, signal cables, such as surveillance system and optical fiber cable.
  • For elevator, escalator, lift.
  • For hazardous area Class 3 Division 1, 2.
  • Applicable to
    • ANSI / NFPA 70
    • NEC 300-22 (c) (b)
    • NEC 430-145 (b)
    • NEC 501-4 (b)
    • NEC 501-16 (b)
    • NEC 604-6 (a)
    • NEC 620-21
    • ANSI / NFPA 79 sec. 16, 16.3.4, 17.7, 17.9
  • RoHS & REACH complaint.
  • UL liquid-tight type A2066, R2066, S2066 are available.
  • UL - file no. E113601 conform to UL 1
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  • FOB: Taichung, Taiwan