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Flexible Metal Conduit (Square-locked)

Product ID: A2012
Flexible Metal Conduit (Square-locked)

Flexible metal conduit A2012 structure and cross-section

Flexible metal conduit (square-locked) is used for the protection of electric wire/cable and other related products. It also can solve the problem of construction of angle that the rigid pipes (such as steel pipes and PVC pipe) can not overcome and then becomes easily in the installation and operation of wires/pipes, as well as liquid-tight, flame retardant, vibration-proof, anti-interference, etc.

★Flexible metal conduit (square-locked) applicable to indoor working place where temperature is high, please refer to "Appendix 1: Flexible Conduit and Connector Application Illustration”.

★ Click here to see our EU conduit classification and BSI test report.

★ More reference information, please see "Appendix".

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  • Galvanized steel core, non liquid-tight.
  • Square-locked.
  • Small bending radius, high flexibility.
  • For motor leads connection.
  • For indoor wiring, suchas lighting and OA, system wiring.
  • For office partitioning and sound, data, cable TV, signal transmission. 
  • For areas requiring high flexibility.
  • IP50
  • RoHS & REACH compliant.
  • Third party testing: BSI test approval under BS EN 61386.
  • #304 stainless steel core is available, type A2013, #316 stainless steel core is available by request.
  • Liquid-tight type A2017(galvanized steel core); A2017-ST (#304 stainless steel core). 
  • BSI BS EN 61386
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  • FOB: Taichung, Taiwan